Information about Dresden

A small guide to make your stay in DresdenĀ more comfortable.

Volunteers at IAD e.V.

The team working behind the scenes making each event a success.

About us

We are a group of students, professionals and families from India who have made the beautiful city of Dresden as our home.

We organize various gatherings and events throughout the year for Indians living in Dresden as well as for the locals of Dresden willing to know about our deep Indian Culture.

Our aim is to bring the Indian community in Dresden closer to each other as well as to help facilitate and encourage the exchange of Indian culture with the local culture in Dresden.

Board Members of Indian Association Dresden

Nambirajan Govindarajan

Nambirajan Govindarajan


Hussein H. Jinnah

Vice President

K. Venkatesan Iyer

K. Venkatesan Iyer


Kaushikram Subramanian


Join the Team

We are actively seeking support for our teams

We organize various events and gathering that bring our fellow Indians closer and help make Dresden ‘a home away from home’. We also try to help those who are new to the city, provide information regarding accommodation, basic necessities, travel info, etc. These events help us to exchange values, ideas and traditions with locals of Dresden and thus bridge the gap. All of this is possible because of our volunteers working through out the year.

The Volunteer Team and Admins of IAD hold the organization together.These volunteers meet regularly to discuss, debate, network and enjoy in this beautiful city of Dresden.

Join us at our next meeting and get to know our team in person.

The Govt. of India (Dept. of Edutcation) maintains a database of all Indian Students/ Researchers in Germany. You are hence requested to register as soon as possible.