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Student Welcome Initiative 2024

SWI 2024
Student Welcome Initiative 2024

Are you a new student, relocating to Dresden, your new home far away from real home? Rest assured, our student welcome initiative, active since 2017, is here to support you further. Our team of dedicated volunteers in Dresden is ready to support you with all your pre-departure and post-arrival inquiries.

From pre-arrival support to ensure you are well-prepared, to arrival support to welcome you and help you navigate your new environment, and post-arrival support to assist you in adapting smoothly, we are with you every step of the way.

Pre-Arrival Support: Connect with experienced seniors from Dresden for informal queries on life in Dresden, the Blocked Account, visa, travel tips, and more. Our team ensures you are well-prepared and confident before your journey begins.

Arrival Support: We will pick you up from the airport or Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and help with city registration and other essential tasks to ensure a smooth start in your new home.

Post-Arrival Support: We organize career events featuring workshops on CV and cover letter writing tailored for the German industry, followed by industrial tours with our partner organizations to give you a head start in your professional journey.

Our initiative, wholeheartedly executed by volunteers, has been active since 2017 under various names and formats. Over the years, we have offered direct or indirect support to over 800 students, from 11 different countries, helping them settle into their new lives with ease in Dresden, a home far away from real home. In recognition of our efforts, the Student Welcome Initiative organized by the Indian Association Dresden was honored with several accolades, including the Sarojini Naidu Leibniz Award from Indian Students in Germany (ISG) in 2018 and 2019, and the prestigious TU Dresden Internationalization Award in 2022.

Note: The initiative is run by volunteers, hence we provide support on first come first serve basis.

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Student Welcome Initiative Info

Student Welcome Initiative Info

TU Dresden Internationalization Award 2022

TU Dresden Internationalization Award 2022

Sarojini Naidu - Leibniz Award 2019

Sarojini Naidu – Leibniz Award 2019

Sarojini Naidu - Leibniz Award 2018

Sarojini Naidu – Leibniz Award 2018